Purunga, L’homme des falaises

preceded by Latitudes du changement

Galerie Blanka
August 25, 2023
7:30 – 9:20 pm

Purunga, L’homme des falaises

Valentin Proult &
Noé Sardet co-director and producer

50 min.

Produced by Parafilms and Look Around You  with the support of TV5

There are men on this earth who defy death every day to feed their families and their souls. Between the desert and the Pacific, in the Huarmey region of Peru, vertiginous cliffs are the gateway to a world where nature dominates, a world of adrenaline and strength of which Purunga is a part.

Latitudes du changement

Richard Mardens

Canada, 2023
52 min.

Produced by Parafilms and No Water Studios with the support of TV5

A sensitive, poetic, naturalist documentary focusing on the experience and personal evolution of a group of international citizens on their 12,000 km maritime adventure.

Gathered around common goals, in a mission full of meaning, the crew of the Atlas sailboat sets out to meet the threatened ecosystems of the Arctic seas to capture important scientific data on marine life, and more specifically on whales, plankton and microplastics. A human adventure, motivated by participatory science, adventure and surpassing oneself.

Q&A with director Valentin Proult & co-director and producer Noé Sardet
Followed by a party end of evening – Dj