Lac-Brome Museum
August 20, 2023
4:30 – 5:30 pm

North Branch Creek rises in a pond in the area formerly known as “Lost Nation” in West Bolton, near Stagecoach Road. Stagecoach Road is a historically significant road that runs for several kilometers along North Branch Creek. At least six mills have been built on the banks of this creek, which is interwoven into the historical fabric of community development in the area. North Branch Creek is renowned for the quality of its water and its abundance of fish. Its biodiversity is rich and varied. A multitude of dragonflies and crayfish live and breed along its course. A rich and varied flora is also present, but Japanese knotweed, an invasive exotic species, is taking up more and more space and threatening the stream’s floral ecosystem. Through interviews, this short film tells the story of North Branch Creek’s main mills, introduces the flora and fauna, and addresses important issues related to invasive species and the accessibility of our natural environments. “L’étonnant ruisseau North Branch” is the 4th and final film in the series presenting the main waterways in the Lac Davignon watershed.

Q&A with Étienne Benoit

Étienne Benoit, a native Brome-Missisquoi resident, has been involved in environmental causes for several years. A full-time teacher and father, he is also a member of the Comité de sauvegarde du bassin versant du lac Davignon in Cowansville. His passion for documentaries and nature has led him to take an interest in environmental causes and history.

Followed by a performance by Barefoot on grass and a cocktail on the grass